COA Contact Info: 1.417.338.7301

For Reservations Call: 1.417.779.5880


COA Contact Info: 1.417.338.7301

For Reservations Call: 1.417.779.5880

Dale Green

“We Are Better When We Work Together”, a slogan that is important to me in life and achieving desired goals. Hello, my name is Dale Green and I would like to be considered as a candidate for Treehouse board.
My wife, Shelly and I currently reside in Tremont Illinois. We have four grown children and 10 grandchildren. We have enjoyed spending time in Branson and on Table Rock Lake with our family since 2004.
To that end, we have two Condos in Branson, One at Eagles Nest and one here at Treehouse in building 10 Unit 8. We completely remodeled our Eagles Nest condo and have successfully rented it on our own since 2006. In addition, we have purchased, remodeled and rented multiple single family homes in and around the Tremont area. We currently have two rental homes in Tremont that we manage.
I retired in April of this year after 39 years. My career in the Generating Utility Industry has allowed me to hold many positions which include: Instrument and Controls Engineer, Engineering Manager, Operations Manager and Plant Manager. These positions afforded me the opportunity to manage thousands to million dollar projects and budgets. I oversaw the control of million dollar turbines and boilers for the production of electricity. I planned and executed contractor maintenance contracts and managed 80 to 240 employees.
Before retiring, I was the Plant Manager of a 1538 MW Generating Facility. My goal was to safely operate the facility to achieve the budget and production numbers set by the corporate office. As a leader, you must utilize your entire diversified staff to be successful. I believe in treating everyone with respect and listening to everyone’s ideas to promote teamwork. Finally, we must communicate appropriate information so everyone knows what is happening whether it is good or bad news, so that all are informed and part of the solution.
I would love to use my professional experience and knowledge to help lead the Treehouse Board on your behalf. Thank you for your consideration,
Dale Green
Education: Bachelor of Science of Electrical Engineering (BSEE), Masters in Business
Administration (MBA)


Hi Treehouse Neighbors,
My name is Lesley Kreuzburg. My husband, Jack, and I have been Treehouse owners since 2007. We own unit 5 in building 6. Our primary residence is Florida but we like to spend as much time as we can (especially summer) at the lake. I’ve been spending time on Table Rock Lake my entire life. My grandparents lived just across the lake on Compton Ridge. Then 33 years ago I was lucky enough to find a guy that loves lake life as much as I do! For us, the lake and the Treehouse community will always be special!

Jack and I have an incentive marketing company. We create award contests that our clients use to motivate their sales people. Most of the awards are group travel programs. I have spent my entire career in this industry. The experience has given me a good understanding of working in all different business environments and with a lot of different personalities. I currently work as the Director of Operations for the company. I manage the winners travel arrangements, program contracts, accounting, and budgets.

We raised our family in Maryland where my two adult sons still reside. While raising our family I served on the board of our Homeowners Association, Swimming Pool/Team Community, served as a parent representative for various sports teams, and was President of the Moonflower Garden Club (a nationally federated garden club). I enjoy working with people and helping my community.

I feel our current board has us headed in the right direction. With hard work and good communication, I know we can keep the momentum on track! If I should be elected as a board member, I will represent all owners and help to make the Treehouse community the best that it can be.

Lesley443-255-9056 cell

John Mues

To the owners at Treehouse
My name is John Mues and I am running for one of the two open positions on the board.

I own unit 3, in building 2 along with my wife Judy. We have been owners at Treehouse since 1988. Perhaps you have seen me around. I do my best to take care of the landscape in front of Bldg 2 as well as the gardens on either side Bldgs 1& 2 leading up from the pool area. Perhaps you have seen me on occasion outside my building in my work clothes.

We love Treehouse. We have given of our family’s time and treasure over the years to try to keep Treehouse the beautiful place that its designer architect Julius Juracsik intended it to be when he first found this location for sale in 1985. By 1987, he and his friend and contractor Bob Tinius had begun construction and the following August my family had become owners.

The first ten years Julius and Bob lived on the grounds and built a beautiful community as well as smartly designed and sturdily constructed buildings. The owners who bought at Treehouse were proud of what these two men had built and were eager to add to and sustain its appeal. One owner in particular, Mr. Arechederra in bldg. 3 at the time, now building 5, constructed by hand a rock lined path down to the lake. If you have not experienced this path yet, you owe it to yourself to do so.

After Julius and Bob left, these beautiful buildings remained. But Treehouse itself went through a period of what I will simply call selfishness. Things deteriorated at Treehouse, as they often do at many condominium developments, because a small group of owners thought of themselves before all of the members of Treehouse. Fortunately, we’ve weathered those years, but they’ve left us current owners in a bit of a financial and organizational pickle. I’m truly grateful that the ship we know as Treehouse has been turned around by recent board members before being running aground. I truly am. But going forward, we need to learn from our mistakes so that we won’t be condemned to repeat them. If elected, I’ll work toward these ends.

Transparency over the process by which our board governs. I’ll work to have ALL board meetings zoom videoed and recorded so that ALL owners might view them in a timely fashion at their convenience.

I’ll work to begin an owners Facebook page, or similar such digital meeting area, where resident owners and out of town owners, such as ourselves, can connect weekly, if for no other reason than to create community, but hopefully to facilitate the needs and desires of the owners, whether it be addressing something as simple as litter or something as necessary and important as our waste treatment facilities.

If you honor me with your vote, I will honor your trust in me by working with the other board members to find out from you, the current owners, what you want to do to make Treehouse an even better place to be.

John Mues

Eugene Robertson Jr.

Hello Treehouse owners,
Being a Missouri native, I have always enjoyed visiting the Branson area. I love the Ozark Mountains and the amazing Table Rock Lake. My wife, Michelle and I rented condos at Treehouse for several years and dreamed of owning someday. The beauty of the Treehouse grounds, buildings and views have always made us feel at home. We were blessed to realize that dream when we purchased last year in building two. Fortunately, we live just over an hour away and are able to be on property often and attend all of the board meetings.
For more than 35 years I enjoyed working in the building and construction industry. For most of that time I was with the Sherwin Williams Paint Company as a sales representative and store manager. My experience includes customer/employee relations, budgeting, profit/loss management and inventory. Currently, I am in Agricultural Equipment Sales for Heritage Tractor John Deere.
It would be my honor to serve on the Treehouse board. I would greatly appreciate your vote in the upcoming election.
Eugene Robertson Jr. 417-350-3885

Nancy Trapp

Thank you for the nomination to remain on the Board of the Treehouse COA.
My husband and I have been owners of three Treehouse properties over the past seven years and we currently live on property full time. In 2019, I was asked to head up a committee of owners to determine the best, and most cost effective way to spend the remainder of our Community Room and office funds. On this committee, I learned a great deal about the inner workings at Treehouse, made some great friends, and was then asked to run as a Board member. I have just concluded my three year term and have been asked to run for an additional term.

2020, my first year on the Board, brought a multitude of challenges, including Covid-19, and several staff changes. Our community has gone through a lot of growing pains, but I feel these changes have been for the betterment of the community and reflect the changing times. My goal when I was elected, was to do my best to not only educate myself further with the “workings” of Treehouse, but to also help bring transparency to the financial situation and the “state of repair” needed in our community. I do not take this position lightly, and I’m sure at times have been a “pain” to my fellow Board members, and staff, with all of my questions. Our community is made up of some of the finest families I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

To introduce myself to those who may want a bit more information or who are new to the community, I have been a Realtor/Broker for over 30 years. My decision to become a Realtor, was made while working as the Community facilitator for the citizens of Independence, MO. My position was developed to help the community members and the city government departments develop goals and a working relationship. The experience was priceless, it enabled me to develop my communication skills and to learn to consider many different points of view. The basis for every new development was “Communication instead of confrontation”. These skills lead me to be able to help families make decisions regarding their Real Estate purchases, including where they raised their families, where they invested their hard earned money, to where they vacationed.

In addition to communication, I also feel that to be a success in any field, you need to seek out experts to help guide decisions, and to never stop learning.

James Waters

My name is James Waters. My wife, Michaela, and I have lived in Unit 1, Building 12 since July 2020. I would like to serve on the Board at Treehouse Condominiums.

My background gives me the experience to achieve positive results as a board member. I was born and raised on an Arabian horse farm in Michigan instilling an appreciation for hard work. Joining the Army at 18 and retiring after 12 years as a Captain and veteran of the First Gulf War (Desert Shield/Desert Storm) also instilled discipline and a sense of dedication to setting and achieving goals. It also gave me experience in working with a group to achieve a common objective.

I am currently employed as the Chief Information Security Officer for a highly successful International Engineering and Architectural firm. My current work is 100% remote, which allows me the ability to be present and available at Treehouse Condos throughout the day during the week and weekends.

Previously, I worked in Information Technology for the Federal Reserve Bank (KC), the Board of Governors (DC), and Missouri-based Engineering Firms. In these roles, I have been responsible for million dollar-plus budgets that included capital renovations across various platforms. I also have vast experience in presentations in person and by video, and I can effectively communicate with small or large groups of people. I’m considered an expert in Information Technology. These skills will translate well as a Board member dealing with operating and capital accounts, ensuring funds are used appropriately, effectively communicating with homeowners, and overall, working toward the betterment of our community.

In my spare time, I enjoy golfing, boating, and spending time with our six grandchildren, aged two through nine. My wife and I have kept our boat at a local marina on Table Rock Lake since 2015. We grew to love the Table Rock area and all it has to offer, so much that we decided to become owners (and full-time residents) at Treehouse Condos in July 2020. My wife and I along with our entire extended family love Treehouse Condos.

I would be honored for the opportunity to serve our community and help bring forward and implement ideas to further improve our home. I am dedicated to addressing the issues facing the board, and I believe together we can grow as a community while leaving behind past failures and making our community the best its ever been.